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Jeb Lyne

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Dallas, TX

MS, George Mason Univ

In February 2024, I launched my independent consulting firm, leveraging 17 years of consulting experience with industry leaders like PRTM, PwC, Strategy&, and KPMG. At KPMG’s Operations Center of Excellence, I spearheaded the Program Management, Product Launch, and Engineering Effectiveness Practice, focusing on manufacturing performance improvement.

Before consulting, I served as General Manager at Charleston Gas Light (a specialty lighting manufacturer and retailer), was part of The Home Depot’s Store Leadership Program, and was an Engineer-qualified Submarine Officer in the US Navy.

My expertise is twofold:
1. Helping private equity firms, their platform companies, and strategic buyers in assessing operations of potential acquisitions.
2. Working with leaders of engineered products manufacturing companies to create value through operations excellence.

I am married, have two teenage daughters, and live in Southlake, Texas. When not working, I spend my time going to school events, celebrating the art and science of BBQ, and kidding myself in the gym about the likelihood of actually finding a powerlifting meet that doesn’t have a kid’s competition or other event already on top of it.

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