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Karl A Berger

Karl A Berger - Member Profile

Philadelphia, PA

MS, Lehigh University
Zollner USA

Karl has spent 20 years developing new territories and markets for multiple manufacturing as a services company and, since 2016, has been running his own sales consulting firm focused on revenue and margin growth to increase business value.

Previously, he was the President of a $20M time-to-market company that was sold to PE, established sales enablement and customer success organizations at a retail SaaS company, and led regional and international sales and account management teams providing Multimillion-dollar manufacturing and design solutions.

Karl lives with his bride and one-year-old puppy in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Karl’s passion is to “get stuff done,” develop sales processes and strategies, and implement high-performing sales teams. He would be happy to collaborate on large or small growth challenges.

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