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Kelli Bosman

Kelli Bosman - Member Profile

Raleigh-Durham, NC

MS, Syracuse University

As a profession, Kelli is an Organizational Change Management (OCM) professional who helps organizations, profit and nonprofit, prepare their people for change [i.e., any type of business transformation that means people will change the way they work.] Kelli designs, implements, fine-tunes, and measures people-development and performance-improvement solutions for organizations facing change.

As a career and life purpose, it is important to Kelli to work with organizations with objectives to connect with: 1) its people – activating the power of the workforce with employee engagement, and 2) our world – making the world a better place with sustainability and social strategies. Kelli is compelled to help organizations make a measurable difference.

Kelli has an MS in Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation from Syracuse University, and has recently received her certification in Corporate Social Responsibility: business strategies for a better world from University of Pennsylvania.

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