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Kenneth J Somers

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Ken brings more than 40 years of Human Resources practioner and line executive experience to his client relationships. In addition to the United States, he has lived and worked across multiple industries in 6 countries (5 in Asia and 1 in Europe). As a consequence, there are very few situations that he has not previously navigated with his clients.

Ken is widely acknowledged for quickly establishing trust and critical thought partnership. This essential trust is attained through his naturally engaging style, a focus on practical solutions, and the use of some well-timed humor. As an exceptionally good listener, Ken demonstrates vulnerability with his clients and expects the same, in return. While he tries to make his engagements pleasant experiences, there is work to be done and Ken partners with clients to keep a laser focus on progressing through that work.

When coaching, his assignments typically involve the use of a 360 process that delivers a comprehensive and holistic view of how the client enables or inhibits organizational results. An underlying premise is that the specific context in which the client operates matters. This process and the subsequent discussion about the results yields a specific and attainable set of objectives that Ken and the client partner to achieve. Now a certified Talent Optimization practitioner, Ken draws on his global experience to leverage the capabilities of that robust platform.

As a consummate networker, he can draw on resources and solutions literally from around the planet.
Ken earned a BA in English Literature and an MSBA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He lives with his spouse and their 14-year-old puppy in Groton, CT. Time zones and travel are routine challenges that are easily overcome.

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