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Kenneth Joseph Ruh

Kenneth Joseph Ruh - Member Profile

New York, NY

MBA, University at Buffalo
General Electric
KangaRuh Consulting

I am a growth leader, a “builder,” who drives exceptional growth in $50-$300M building / consumer product companies or business units looking for “big box” or commercial distribution. You call when you need “out of the box” growth and a focus on the operational execution to get it to the customer.

A 5-time customer award-winning leader who achieves extraordinary business results (last P&L: Sales – $200M, 2x sales growth, 4x margin rate growth, online sales up from $0 to $30M) and significantly grows market share (last P&L: #4 to strong #2). I realize the full potential of your company to reach the customer’s “problem space” by aligning the organization (including product management, marketing, sales and operations) around your competitive advantage and prioritize innovation to energize the team and deliver exceptional growth.

I thrive in descending into the chaos and bringing clarity and confidence to the organization. I can also focus on the functional level specifically on your sales or eCommerce teams and give them the structure and tools to win. My workplace is a fast-paced, collaborative environment but ultimately is results-driven and decisions are made. I have run 300+ person operations and run multiple distribution centers as well as small groups with limited resources where we had to be creative.

I am interested in a fractional or interim COO, CCO or CRO type of position, as I am confident I can have an immediate impact on refining and implementing company strategy and tactical execution. I have actual “hands-on” experience gained leading teams at General Electric and Moen across most major functions including operations, logistics, sales, marketing, and business development so I know what each group needs. And I have, as defined through testing and surveys, exceptional business agility, which is the ability to build highly functioning teams that produce great results, and you don’t lose them!

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