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Laura Hume

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Austin, TX

PhD, University of Texas
Ernst & Young
Emerson Human Capital
Rockstar Employees

Laura completed her doctorate in educational psychology, with a focus on high performing employees, and began her career in professional services over 25 years ago. A self-professed nerd, she enjoys translating research and analytics into actionable, down-to-earth solutions that are right-sized for each client’s current goals and capabilities. She is sought after by colleagues and clients who find her knowledgeable without being arrogant and strategic while still being practical. She has partnered with clients of all sizes and across all sectors with a common goal to develop talent strategies and programs aimed at optimizing employee performance and engagement.

Laura is particularly adept at seeing the threads that link all aspects of the employee lifecycle—from talent acquisition through employee offboarding—and she works hard to identify the root cause of stated issues by considering the strategy, people, process, and technology implications ensuring they are underpinned by actionable data.

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