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Lina Gallagher

Lina Gallagher - Member Profile

Dubai, UAE

BSc, U of Liverpool
Abu Dhabi Dept of Transport

A summary of Lina’s experience follows.

• eCommerce executive with 18+ years of experience in building high growth digital businesses for brands across the GCC and Europe including Selfridges, John Lewis, Carrefour UAE, Kuwait City Centre, Mom Store, Homes R Us, Drink Dry Store, Tesco, and mano more.

• Diverse expertise across P&L management, digital strategy & execution, merchandising, digital marketing & growth, websites and mobile apps development and eCommerce operational excellence.

• Entrepreneur, serial investor, non-executive director, corporate advisor and founder of multiple businesses across diverse industries.

• Proven ability to translate a brand’s DNA and key initiatives into a highly effective digital experience that drives brand engagement, customer loyalty and rapid sales growth.

• Former Deloitte London and UAE consultant experienced working in a range of sectors including retail, luxury, media, financial services, asset management, and government/public sector.

• A motivating, high energy, business leader with the ability to build and unite teams, ignite collaboration, implement robust processes and ultimately deliver measurable results.

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