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Marcel Hug

Marcel Hug - Member Profile

Zurich, Switzerland

MA, University of St.Gallen

Marcel has more than 10 years of consulting and 20 years of (interim) executive management experience. He is a senior executive professional (BoD, CEO, COO, CIO, CFO, CRO) with a hands-on management and advisory track record in business development (growth, profitability), corporate finance (M&A, restructuring, financing), operational transformation, change management, compliance and risk management.

Marcel is an expert in multi-disciplinary programme management (strategy, operations, finance, IT, legal, tax, HR) and strategic programme portfolio management. He has international experience in many sectors with a particular focus on real estate, infrastructure, private equity, energy & commodities and financial services. He supported many clients also in other sectors such as but not limited to consumer business, automation, logistics, life sciences, chemical production, telecommunications.

Marcel lives in the Zurich area.

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