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Martin Monzon

Martin Monzon - Member Profile

Madrid, Spain

MBA, Columbia
OLX Group
Frontier Digital Ventures
Independent Professional

Over the last 8 years I’ve helped develop RE classifieds/marketplaces across LATAM.

Post MBA I did 2 years of strategic consulting and later returned to Argentina to help OLX launch the RE category in 9 countries in LATAM. I led the acquisition of (new home sales – Argentina) which we integrated into OLX and launched in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

In my most recent professional experience I moved with my family to Colombia, to lead a 30-yr old internet marketplace (early 2021, still COVID days) after it was acquired by a PE firm, and spearhead a complete corporate identity change, relaunch website and app and lead a complete tech migration (front, back and data architecture). Although we were able to fulfill these milestones while growing monthly revenue by 60% and doubling EBITDA margins, what I appreciated the most was:
– Building a strong team of high-performers, many of which I was able to coach.
– Leading a team who believed on our mission and vision, achieving +85% on our employee engagement surveys consistently
– Testing several pilots, (many which failed) which led to launching new business units

Born and raised in Buenos Argentina, today I live in Madrid, Spain with my wife Dolores and my kids: Felipe and Luisa.
My expertise is in execution of strategic initiatives, business development and operations.

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