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Michelle Drapkin

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New York, NY

PhD, Rutgers University
Johnson & Johnson

A summary of Michelle’s experience follows.

“My name is Michelle Drapkin, and I help individuals and organizations reach their potential. And, I wrote a book to make real, sustainable change more accessible for all of us – The Motivational Interviewing Path to Personal Change (

Life today moves faster than ever. In order to be successful, organizations must be flexible and responsive to industry trends.

The only problem? Businesses — and people — aren’t naturally built to do that.

That’s where I come in. As an accomplished behavior scientist, clinical research psychologist and professional trainer, I understand both the theory and practice of creating high-functioning teams.

I’ve dedicated my professional career to using psychological research to help people. I’ve continually published peer-reviewed literature and secured millions of dollars in funding as project Principal or Co-investigator. Continued university teaching helps facilitate this generative process (examples listed below; a comprehensive CV is available upon request).

As Program Coordinator for the Department of Veterans Affairs I led nearly 500 trainers, consultants, and participants in the application of Motivational Enhancement Therapy, an evidence-based practice for alcohol and substance use disorders based on Motivational Interviewing. At Johnson and Johnson, I worked at the intersection of behavior science and data science to build powerful, engaging digital and non-digital interventions. At BetterUp, I brought this all to organizations and their leaders.

The key to all of this? Aligning change with core values at the individual level. As a leader, I strive to help those around me to see their own worth through meaningful contributions. It’s a collaborative, respectful approach based on autonomy and validation.

Through mutual appreciation and trust, we build a rock-solid foundation for growth at both the individual and organizational level.

Let’s connect via LinkedIn or email today and discuss how I can help you do the same.”

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