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Moisés Ribeiro

Moisés Ribeiro - Member Profile

London, England

BEcon, University of Porto
Independent Professional

An accomplished executive and transformation leader, Moisés Ribeiro has carved a niche in the world of banking and financial consulting. Specialising in business architecture and strategic digital transformation, Moisés Ribeiro has a track record of orchestrating intricate transformations, including the notable conversion of a family office into a venture capital powerhouse. His approach encompasses customer-centric strategies, agile methodologies, and the adept design of operating models and business frameworks.

With hands-on leadership, Moisés Ribeiro ensures projects transition seamlessly from conception to completion. Having held pivotal roles at HSBC, Infosys Consulting and other esteemed institutions, Moisés Ribeiro delivered innovative solutions, robust governance frameworks, and risk management strategies, always with an eye on enhancing operational efficiency and achieving business objectives. His ability to foster cross-functional collaborations and manage multi-component teams establishes him as a sought-after consultant in the industry.

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