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Mouloud Hedid

Mouloud Hedid - Member Profile

Algeria, Africa

MEC ING, École Polytechnique d'Alger
BNP Paribas
Independent Professional

Mouloud Hedid is a multifaceted professional with expertise in banking, management,and finance. With a wealth of experience in both industry and finance, he brings a unique perspective to every endeavor.

As a seasoned business professional in Algeria, Mouloud has navigated the intricacies of the local market, understanding its nuances and challenges. he has successfully implemented strategies that drive growth and foster sustainable development .

Beyond the boardroom, Mouloud is passionate about History and ..emerging technologies. He possess a deep understanding of Banking and Management, positioning him as a thought leader in this emerging country.

Mouloud is an avid reader, a lover of art, and a seeker of knowledge. His curiosity knows no bounds, and he constantly seek ways to expand his horizons.

Whether he is rafting compelling narratives or analyzing financial trends, Mouloud brings a blend of creativity, analytical rigor, and strategic vision to everything he undertake.

Connect with Mouloud to explore new possibilities, collaborate on exciting projects, and embark on a journey of growth and innovation.

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