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Owen Nieberg

Owen Nieberg - Member Profile

Denver, CO

MBA, University of Texas
Booz Allen Hamilton
Overbrook Consulting

Owen Nieberg was “raised” in the environment of leading consulting firms (Accenture and Booz•Allen) where, over 12 years, he was able to gain the foundations of corporate strategy and large-scale organizational management and growth.

He spent the subsequent 20 years leading his own consulting practice, which allowed him to shape this learning into a more comprehensive view of large-scale operations. During these years he also served as the COO for a medical client for many years which provided insight into the intricacies of daily management, an appreciation of how each element of an organization is so critical to the overall success, how critical nimbleness is to the life of a growing company, and a deep understanding of the mantra “perfect is the enemy of good enough.”

Finally, in these last two years as the COO of a global DEI consulting company, Exponential Talent, Owen was able to gain a deep understanding of the DEI space and organizational change management.

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