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Paul Kultgen

Paul Kultgen - Member Profile

Chicago, IL

MBA, Kellogg
Nielsen and Kantar
Kraft Foods
Boom Impact

Transformational C-level growth leader who excels at building and scaling companies across diverse sectors including Marketing Intelligence, Media Measurement, B2B EdTech, and B2B/B2C HealthTech.

With a unique blend of strategic and operational expertise honed at Fortune 500 companies like Nielsen, Kantar, Kraft, and Ogilvy, and agile startups like Telephia, Phoenix MI Certd, I excel at:

• Visioneering translated into action, driving organizations to new heights: I combine forward-thinking strategies with swift execution, fueling growth for mature companies and igniting the launch of successful startups.

• Pioneering technology adoption: I translate cutting-edge technologies like AI into tangible business breakthroughs, driving future-proof growth and market leadership.

• Driving go-to-market: I identify and eliminate barriers to market success through strong commercial leadership in sales, marketing, product, and technology.

• Building cross-functional, winning teams: I cultivate high-performing teams through a culture of collaboration, innovation, and accountability, attracting and retaining top talent.

• Ensuring operational excellence and accelerating revenue growth: I implement efficient processes and technology to ensure seamless execution, maximize impact, and achieve sustainable financial results.

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