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Remy A Jugault

Remy A Jugault - Member Profile

Paris, France

MS, IAE Caen
Independent Professional

With >25 years of experience in a data-driven world for consulting firms, OEM’s and Communication agencies, in Europe, Middle-East, Asia and South America.

International CRM SME, specialized in Loyalty & Advocacy programs architecture, Data Ethics & AI for the automotive & luxury industries across the globe.
I have developed Digital Marketing practices and also run Client Services teams, so familiar with both business aspects as well as solution’s deliveries.

Having lived in 5 countries, speaking 4 languages I’m passionate about understanding different consumer’s cultures to ensure client’s successes.

Some of the brands I’ve worked for/with : IWC, Jaguar Land Rover, GM, Nissan, Cartier, Mitsubishi Motors, Epsilon mainly on ROI based programs, predictive marketing, strategy and creative development.

I’m also speaker at ESCP for Exec Master Certificate programs. Fields : Data & Digital Marketing.

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