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Ren Sharpe

Ren Sharpe - Member Profile

Toronto, Canada

BCom, U of British Columbia
United Parcel Service
Ripple Effect Ventures

Ren is a seasoned operations leader and consultant, with a strong background in logistics and supply chain management. Extensive experience includes leadership roles in omni-channel startups like Casper Sleep and Jetson, and enterprise businesses like UPS.

He excels in driving strategic initiatives to optimize operations, enhance customer experience, and enable growth. Proficient in supply chain strategy, DTC e-commerce, wholesale/retail B2B, vendor RFPs and negotiations, digital transformation, and team development, he has demonstrated success across diverse consumer goods industries including food and beverage, medical, fashion/apparel, electronics, and home furniture.

Ren is happy to collaboarate on engagements that include growth-stage businesses aiming to scale their supply chain, and service providers in the logistics / tech space looking to tailor their offering for clients.

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