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Saket Bivalkar

Saket Bivalkar - Member Profile

Saket specializes in designing and executing Operating Models transformations, focusing on product/portfolio transformation for increased efficiency and organizational transformation for greater effectiveness.

Saket has a proven track record of leading end-to-end strategic transformation programs across borders, continually gathering data based insights and making pivots based on results.
Most of all, Saket is an avid learner, continually growing his skill set in complementing skills.

Saket has led Business Transformation practice for UST global in Europe, LATAM and India with more than 120 professionals in the team, developing new portfolios and GTM.

Over the last 22 years, Saket has worked with senior leadership teams and whole organizations across the globe, including Yara, ERSTE Bank in Austria, Banc Sabadell and BBVA in Spain and Latin America, CaixaBank in Spain, Orange, Vodafone, VidaCaixa, Deutsche Telekom in Germany, Aegon, BASE Company, and Vueling, among others.

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