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Simone Gigli

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Milan, Italy

Turner & Townsend
Heathrow Airport

Simone is 43yo, Italian and started traveling the world for work when he was 25. Simone has lived and worked in Italy (Milan, Rome, Marche), Australia (Perth), Egypt (Alexandria), Algeria (Oran), Saudi Arabia (Jubail), UK (London), USA (New York City) and Switzerland (Zurich, Lugano). Simone has collaborated with big clients in three sectors: oil and gas, major infrastructures and industrial (pharma and biotech) both in public and private sector.

Simone is expert at strategizing and setting up and delivering mega projects across all commercial/support functions like PMO, project controls, planning, contracts and change management, cost management, estimating, QS, procurement.
Simone has covered various positions both at project and business level, from senior consultant to project executive, from sector lead to global account lead for important clients, to board member.

Simone is curious and humble and loves authenticity, empathy and authentic, humble and empathetic people. Simone has further developed his own empathy and genuine care for others through mindfulness and meditation techniques like Vipassana.
Simone’s main strength and point of appreciation is in fact his genuine, authentic and empathetic personality. This has allowed Simone over the course of his career to develop deep relationships of profound trust and even true friendship with colleagues and clients all over the world. This is now the base of his current and future potential clients.

I’d be delighted to get connected with smart but humble professionals, I’d love to learn from them and to share my experiences and points of view.

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