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Trevor W Tuck

Trevor W Tuck - Member Profile

Toronto, Canada

MBA, Schulich School of Bus
Ontario Power Generation
Jana Corporation
Independent Professional

Trevor Tuck, a Professional Engineer and MBA, is a seasoned executive, passionate about collaborating with professionals who share his interest in building, optimizing, scaling, and investing in technology and energy organizations. He has been recognized as a collaborative and nurturing leader with a financial discipline and entrepreneurial spirit. Trevor is a recent graduate of Harvard Business School’s Executive Management Program (GMP 35).

Trevor is actively seeking opportunities supporting growth stage organizations, private equity-backed firms, and utilities. He aims to apply his expertise in assessing resources, designing and implementing innovative operational enhancements, and change leadership to generate value and establish a lasting legacy of positive results for stakeholders.

Most recently Trevor was the COO of a software and engineering consultancy firm accountable for profit and loss, product development and optimization. Trevor led day to day operations and the strategic initiatives necessary for growth and the adoption of a SAAS based business model and the simultaneous development and implementation of 3 new software products.

During his tenure, Annual Recurring Revenue and staffing experienced a threefold increase, soaring from $3 million to $9 million and 50 to 150 employees, respectively. Noteworthy is the 30% reduction in project execution time, coupled with a doubling of client projects. Trevor orchestrated a companywide reorganization, implementing the foundational initiatives that supported scaling and harmonized diverse professional departments, from Sales and Human Resources to Software Development and Accounting.

His background includes extensive leadership roles transforming utility operations, delivering major capital projects, and overseeing the introduction and implementation of new technology.

Trevor’s expertise extends beyond the corporate realm, where he is affectionately known as the ‘Urban Sherpa.’ His commitment to navigating his own family through various enriching experiences, combined with his dedication to preparedness for weekly lessons or vacations, underscores his holistic approach to life.

Trevor is ready to bring his valuable skills to your organization. If you’re part of a growth-stage organization, a private equity-backed firm, or a utility seeking a transformational leader, Trevor Tuck is the catalyst for your success.

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