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Tunde Oloruntoba

Tunde Oloruntoba - Member Profile

London, England

MSc, Coventry University
Royal Mail Group
Predictron Labs

Tunde helps businesses to harness the transformative power of data intelligence, pricing, and advanced analytics to drive top-line outperformance and EBITDA growth. After over a decade of working as an independent consultant for large and mid-market companies, Tunde started Trellisi in July 2020.

He has an impressive track record of successful client engagements, partnering with executive management, business unit leaders and cross-functional teams from blue-chip corporates, SMEs, and private equity portfolio companies throughout the UK, US, and Europe.

He has successfully led and delivered pricing and analytics projects for businesses across B2B, SaaS and B2C verticals, developing pricing strategies, analytics operating models and commercial excellence initiatives to improve sales effectiveness, revenue growth and margin optimisation.

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