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Uwe Petersen

Uwe Petersen - Member Profile

Hamburg, Germany

PhD, University Hamburg
Siemens Management Consulting

Uwe Petersen is an industrial engineer with expert knowledge in digital transformations for various industries. He started as Management Consultant with Siemens Management Consulting and worked for well-known corporations like Thyssen Telecom, Hawesko, Experian and proALPHA. In 2011 he founded and served customers in their challenging digital transformations, e.g. Demmel AG – Kyocera / Triumph Adler – Gala Group – Dr. Oetker / OEDIV KG – Wirecard AG – expert AG – hgv / Verlagsgruppe Georg v. Holtzbrinck – Equinix Inc. – American Express / Payback – Channel21.

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