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William Rado Leighton

William Rado Leighton - Member Profile

Houston, TX

MD, University of Texas
US Anesthesia Partners
Clevehouse Advisors

Dr. William R. Leighton stands as an imaginative leader who played a pivotal role in the inception and remarkable expansion of US Anesthesia Partners (USAP) during its formative decade. Departing from USAP in 2023, he embarked on a new mission to establish an exemplary healthcare consulting firm, drawing upon his extensive experiences in practice management and business development within the healthcare sector.

Motivated by a commitment to excellence, Dr. Leighton’s departure marked the commencement of his venture, Clevehouse Advisors, aimed at providing unparalleled consulting services. While Clevehouse Advisors evolves, he continues to contribute to the medical field by practicing anesthesiology on a part-time basis, demonstrating a steadfast dedication to the profession.

As a seasoned practitioner, Dr. Leighton possesses a unique perspective that integrates the aspirations and imperatives of clinicians with the nuanced considerations of financial sponsors. This understanding is a testament to his comprehensive approach to healthcare consulting, bridging the gap between medical expertise and strategic business acumen.

Dr. Leighton’s academic journey is marked by notable achievements. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Vanderbilt University and went on to attain a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. His clinical training includes an internship in internal medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, followed by a residency in anesthesiology at Harvard Medical School. Complementing his medical qualifications, Dr. Leighton furthered his education by obtaining a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from the Jones School of Management at Rice University, while actively contributing as a physician-partner at Greater Houston Anesthesiology—the very practice upon which USAP was founded.

Dr. Leighton’s multifaceted background underscores his ability to navigate the intersection of healthcare and business, making him a distinguished figure in the realm of healthcare consulting. His enduring commitment to advancing both the art and science of medicine, coupled with his strategic vision, positions him as a leader dedicated to shaping the future landscape of healthcare services.

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