Veritux Women’s Group: 2024 Goal setting with Kennedy Jones


In this hands-on session, Umbrex and Veritux mastermind group facilitator Kennedy Jones will lead participants through exercises to set concrete, actionable goals for 2024. Prior to this session, please consider the following questions: Vision – What is your image of the future? This communicates your aspirations or long term goals Rallies excitement It’s the reason your organization exists.
Mission – How are you working today to achieve your vision? What do you do? What is your core business? Who are you and the business for? How do you do it? How do your methods set you apart? Values – What do you stand for? What are your core beliefs as an individual? What are the core principles of your business?

Event details

Date: January 9, 2024
Time: 12:00 PM
- 1:00 PM
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