Veritux Women’s Group – Successfully Setting Personal and Professional Boundaries, with Melanie Espeland


Join us for an empowering and interactive session with A TEDx speaker and Executive Coach Melanie Espeland as she guides participants through the essential skills of establishing and maintaining boundaries. In a world where balance is key, understanding and implementing effective boundaries is crucial for personal and professional well-being.

Melanie previously has led multiple events for Umbrex and Veritux, including the highly popular Voice & Speaking Tips for Business Professionals.

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Melanie is a proven Executive Coach and Life Coach with 17 years of experience in strategy, operations, and executive coaching. She pairs her ex-McKinsey consulting toolkit with her sharp communication skills and EQ. This rich blend of skills and a multi-hyphenate background including acting, fashion, and painting allow Melanie to be an excellent coach with an eye for detail and heart in her clients’ unique stories.

Melanie has been featured in the media across NBC, ABC, CBS, Forbes, Business Insider, TEDx, and more. She has worked with prominent corporate clients including Google, Meta, IBM, and Morgan Stanley; as well as individuals such as business leaders, influencers, and Olympic athletes.

Melanie holds an MBA from Columbia University and a BS from Cornell University. She currently lives in Los Angeles (while remaining a New Yorker at heart), and enjoys creative pursuits in her free time.

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Date: July 9, 2024
Time: 12:00 PM
- 1:00 PM
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