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Agile business

Agile business

Takeshi Yoshida shares an video and mental model from a Dōjō community session where they discussed the professional topic of how to help Agile teams, or any team, go through a healthy Tuckman process of forming, storming, norming, performing.

In this article, Dean Blomson questions the necessity of agile boards, whether this is a desirable and achievable option, and how it becomes agile.

COVID may be on the wane but disruption is here to stay, for a while, anyway. Luckily, Ramakrishna Movva shares his thoughts on strategies and core competencies in an age of disruption.

In a world where ‘disruption’, ‘agile’, and ‘transformation’ are business buzzwords, Robert Caldera’s post on the benefits of an adaptive mindset is timely, and, perhaps, timeless.

Valerie Hoskins explains scrumish and how to successfully transition to an agile organization.

Thomas Martin provides an article on the evolution of the agile movement from software development projects to business agility.

  In this article published in Forbes, Tonushree Mondal shares three strategies to leverage skills in your workforce that will help your organisation weave agility into the culture.

  In the first post of a four-part series of articles about Agile/Scrum, Nicholas Zeisler reviews the first Agile value of prioritizing individuals and their interactions over adherence to processes and the use of tools.