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Agile Organizations

Agile Organizations

Claude Diderich explains why foresight matters for your organization and how you can use it to become future-ready.

Tonushree Mondal provides an article published in Forbes that identifies three strategies to leverage skills as the new currency to create organizational agility.

Keith Downham shares an article on the foundation of organization building.

Valerie Hoskins explains scrumish and how to successfully transition to an agile organization.

  Paul Miller shares a post from the company’s blog that explores the fundamental details of agile swarming, including the four key tenets.

  Akshat Prasad shares a comprehensive white paper from his company’s website that explains what it means to be an agile organization, measuring organizational agility, defining where the agility needs to be and creating a road map to get there.

  Norman Chorn moves beyond the common buzzwords comments about building a “strong”, “positive” or “enabling” culture to identify the four strategy archetypes supported by company culture, and how culture acts as a driver of organisational capability.

Tom Martin explains why agile transformation needs a bold and specific vision to deliver clarity and focus and guide the mind shift. He also provides a few key points that inform the definition of a bold vision for your insurance.

Take advantage of this free webinar from Andrew Naperotic’s company on successful change implementation and organizational transformation.

Rodrigo Ochoa defines the differences between culture and organizational climate and explains why it matters when building a strategy.