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Agile strategies

Agile strategies

In this article, Dean Blomson questions the necessity of agile boards, whether this is a desirable and achievable option, and how it becomes agile.

  Brad VanAuken shares a post that explains how to pivot your business during COVID-19.

  Akshat Prasad shares a comprehensive white paper from his company’s website that explains what it means to be an agile organization, measuring organizational agility, defining where the agility needs to be and creating a road map to get there.

Michael de la Maza shares a post that explains why understanding how an athlete trains can help you develop strategies to become a more agile business.  

Going agile isn’t easy no matter how flexible your company. The organizational structure, level of regulation, and culture needs an integrated and hybrid approach. Vivek Bhatia provides a downloadable PDF and framework that can guide and help overcome the difficulties of integrating project and agile product management.

Advice from Takeshi Yoshida on how to keep it lean and agile when it comes to product/market fit.

Takeshi Yoshida provides key steps to take to develop a powerful, hybrid agile approach to customer value creation.