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agile transformation

agile transformation

In this article, Dean Blomson questions the necessity of agile boards, whether this is a desirable and achievable option, and how it becomes agile.

Valerie Hoskins explains scrumish and how to successfully transition to an agile organization.

Thomas Martin provides an article on the evolution of the agile movement from software development projects to business agility.

  Amit Patel shares an article that explains how agile transformation can improve operational performance and why manufacturing plants should move towards becoming smart factories.

  Akshat Prasad shares a comprehensive white paper from his company’s website that explains what it means to be an agile organization, measuring organizational agility, defining where the agility needs to be and creating a road map to get there.

Anuj Sharma offers a detailed framework that can be used to manage risk while transforming a supply chain to be more resilient and responsive.

Tom Martin explains why agile transformation needs a bold and specific vision to deliver clarity and focus and guide the mind shift. He also provides a few key points that inform the definition of a bold vision for your insurance.