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Kaiwen Cheng shares an article exploring the current issue of talent and labor shortages, the employment of AI, and the workforce in STEM.

Tunisha Shome shares an article on seven generative AI use cases and how they will change the way we work

William Arruda shares an article that explains how using AI will help you stay ahead of the competition and increase both productivity and capability.

Lauren Hisey shares an article that identifies five issues with implementing AI too fast.

Haseeb Chowdhry shares a post on the application of AI in accounting and finance.

  John Brockett Mitchell shares an article on the movement away from personal relationships in healthcare and explains that, as we move toward a “scalable” model of healthcare, the scale tips the wrong way.

  Gonzalo Mendez provides an article that takes a look at internal controls and the value of automated processes.

  Amit Patel shares an article that explains how agile transformation can improve operational performance and why manufacturing plants should move towards becoming smart factories.

Gary Chan provides a simplified, yet thorough introduction to machine learning that explains the difference between AI and machine learning, and how machine learning works. This video is tailored for IT professionals and does contain some math.

Alan Walker provides the sixth in a series of posts that explains how robotic process automation (RPA) works within the insurance industry. The article includes key points that can help establish an effective insurance automation program.