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In this article, Elizabeth Cohen provides a few self-care trends shaping 2024 and beyond.

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In this post, Wouter Deelman asks VC’s if they’d invest in this AI startup.

Musa Hanhan explores how generative ai will impact customer experience.

Katja Matthes shares the formula she uses which helps improve the outcomes of AI interactions.

Anirudh Kuthiala shares a timely article on three must-have skills for analysts to thrive in the age of generative ai.

In this podcast, Andree Bates speaks with Piet Buyck, CEO and founder of Garvis AI, who talks about how the company’s AI system provides significantly more accurate demand forecasting for pharmaceutical companies.

Dr.Andree Bates shares a podcast where she discusses how AI can be leveraged to analyze qualitative market research more efficiently with Sidi Lemine, Founder & CEO of Jade Kite.

Kaiwen Cheng shares an article exploring the current issue of talent and labor shortages, the employment of AI, and the workforce in STEM.

Tunisha Shome shares an article on seven generative AI use cases and how they will change the way we work

William Arruda shares an article that explains how using AI will help you stay ahead of the competition and increase both productivity and capability.