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Brand Management

Brand Management

Sean Wilkins shares five mistakes brands make with new customers.

David Davidovic shares an article on trust-based marketing leadership that explores what senior leaders should be focusing on during brand plan reviews.

In this article, Lynda Ferrari identifies a few common triggers that might suggest you need to look at repositioning your brand.

Brian Buss provides a post that explores brand valuation and how to identify the link between brand assets and profitability.

Brad VanAuken shares a poignant post on ethics and values in marketing and the role of the marketer in setting the boundaries of the promise.

Lilliana Petrova bridges the divide of misunderstanding between laser thin margins and customer service and how hard public perception and  the Coronavirus is hitting the aviation industry.

Brad VanAuken explains what brands can do to engage customers and build brand loyalty during the current crisis.

A corporate narrative is a defined set of messages that build internal alignment around the current business environment, corporate values, and business strategy. John Patterson explains why and how this information can be a solid foundation for reputation risk management.

This comprehensive case study from Brian Buss’ company explains why leveraging brand assets properly and delivering on the company mission translates into brand equity, which leads to brand equity and brand valuation that captures the resulting return on investment.

Advice from valuation experts, Brian Buss and Doug Bania, in this comprehensive paper on estimating and managing the economic impact of brand disparagement.