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Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing

Carole Irgang shares information on how to form lasting bonds with your customers with examples that demonstrate how the big brands do it.

Influencers are doing it. Celebrities are doing it. Politicians are doing it. And now Shlomi Ron is using it. In this article, he explains how brands can use pets in visual storytelling to create emotional connections, so now you can do it, too.

Shlomi Ron shares an analogy from the kitchen to explain why the process of baking bread provides the recipe for crafting compelling brand stories.

Nicholas Zeisler shares an article designed to build alignment between a company’s brand promise and the customers’ experiences.

  Brad VanAuken has created a course that will teach you how to create a strategic and actionable brand plan. It includes a brand plan template, and possible brand objectives, strategies, and tactics.

Brad VanAuken shares a poignant post on ethics and values in marketing and the role of the marketer in setting the boundaries of the promise.