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Business Communication

Business Communication

In this article, Bret Gallaway explains how to achieve pitch deck clarity to influence investors.

Marcus Sanford helps your company’s marketing in 2023 with these insights into multi-stage retargeting campaigns based on landing page interactions.

Eva Oloumi shares a post that explores ‘the ladder of inference’, why we climb it and the steps we can take to climb down it.

Leo Fassbender shares an article on how to write an engaging change story and take it from good to great.

Deborah Coviello shares a video from her series CEO Live Talk. In this episode, she and Tony Martignetti talk about diversity of thought and experience.

Christie Lindor shares an article that explains what intersectionality is and how it has been defined.

Elliott Holland offers practical advice when buying a company from the owner-operators.

  For managers who want to help his or her team improve their performance, Braden W. Weinstock shares a post that explains how to conduct effective one-on-ones.