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Business growth

Business growth

If you build it, they will come, or will they? Shashi Bhat applies the adage to digital transformation, explains why merely building it is not enough, and outlines steps that can be taken to improve adoption.

In this article, Amaury Chardon identifies challenges you may face when trying to deploy your digital platform internationally and best practices you can employ to deploy it successfully.

In this article, Mindy Anderson explains the advantages of hiring a fractional CMO for companies that want to scale.

In this informative article published on Baseline, Mark Ball shares eight ways to boost your return on IT.

In this concise post, Karen Thomas-Bland shares 10 questions she uses to reduce risk in business transformations.

Dr.Andree Bates shares a podcast where she discusses how AI can be leveraged to analyze qualitative market research more efficiently with Sidi Lemine, Founder & CEO of Jade Kite.

Jayne McQuillan offers advice on when a business owner should take the next step and add an advisory board or fiduciary board of directors.

Ian Smith shares an article on scaling private companies that outlines examples of challenges and solutions between the years of 2000 to 2023.

In this article, Hussain Bandukwala shares five reasons why project management is a no-brainer for your rapidly growing startup.

Jennifer Fondrevay shares valuable insights for leaders and their teams considering a merger or acquisition, emphasizing the importance of respect for the other company and one direction to place focus.