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business intelligence

Vikas Aggarwal shares a post on the financial and environmental benefits of investing in wind farms.

Peter Cook shares an article on the benefits of adopting supplier-enabled innovation (SEI).

In this post, Rich Epstein shares his experience with credit card fraud.

Harshit Agarwal shares a post on share based payments and how they can help your company.

In this article, Konstantin Tskhay writes about pay transparency, what it is, the various levels, and how to move forward.

Tamara Prewitt talks about tokens in a digital world, and how we will soon be living in a tokenized digital environment.

Terence Kirubagaran shares an informative article where he makes the case for building a digital platform and having an opinionated engineering platform.

For all those who are thinking of leaving their job to pursue an idea, this company post from Paul Clarke identifies three key considerations to work through before taking the leap.

In this article, Jenifer Bulcock explains what user research is and how user researchers can become a useful innovation partner.

Jayne McQuillan offers advice on when a business owner should take the next step and add an advisory board or fiduciary board of directors.