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business intelligence

Hector Barresi shares a company post that identifies common mistakes that cause the failure of an acquisition.

Robert Hopp shares a white paper designed to give you an understanding of what Entropositive is, its principles, and a deeper understanding of entropy itself.

Sebastian Vetter shares an article that identifies successful innovation patterns for a crisis.

In this article, Emilia Henriksson explains key steps on becoming a proactive, effective project board manager. 

And now for something totally different, and in case you’ve always wondered, Paul DiPronio shares how Frank Sinatra’s comeback hit inspired “Scooby-Doo”​.

In this article, David Tang explains how to acquire quality, actionable Market Intelligence for emerging markets.

Robert Briese shares a video meetup with Matthias Größler (a safety expert from @fsqexperts9848) and @konstantinribel (an agility expert) on why companies cannot be agile because they are building safety-relevant products.

Diane Gordon shares a timeless article on common sense and customer care and how to follow through on expectations.

Richard Beal shares an article that identifies the two essential transferable skills every professional needs to acquire.

In this article, Mitul Ruparelia explains how to assess your company valuation.