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Daniel Werner shares the first post from an upcoming series on revolutionizing additive manufacturing maturity models.

In this article, Christelle Espinasse shares six key recommendations to embed sustainability in the organisational culture and business models.

  In this article published in Fortune Magazine, Gleb Tsipursky explores the psychology behind why some leaders are resisting a hybrid work model.

  Braden Weinstock provides an article which identifies the problems that arise when designing an organization for high performance and offers key steps you can take to manage the machine and teach it to your team.

  Laura Little explains how the “Slinky effect” can help social business leaders see new opportunities in how they address business challenges by re-imagining the business model.

  The effects of the pandemic has many questioning the survival rate of businesses. Saumya Ganguly explains how businesses can improve their survival strategy by readdressing their business plan and business model.

  Tim Posselt uses bricks and mortar versus trees and forests to illustrate the operating paradigm that led to its competitive success in the last century and why new technologies are changing the paradigm to a more symbiotic ecosystem.

Discover how Stephanie Benedetto, the CEO and Co-Founder of Queen of Raw, built a marketplace for businesses to buy and sell their unused fabric, keeping it out of landfill and turning that pollution into profit, in this podcast posted on Chris Gassman’s company blog.

Tony Benedict drills down on ‘thinking outside the box’ to determine if that also means changing your business model.

From Belden Menkus’ company blog, an informative article that identifies the seven stages of strategic change and asks the questions that need to answered to ensure a business model that adapts to change quickly and efficiently.