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business operations

Harshit Agarwal shares a post on share based payments and how they can help your company.

In this article, Konstantin Tskhay writes about pay transparency, what it is, the various levels, and how to move forward.

Nik Nicholas shares a company post that explores the ethical dilemmas of data science with a focus on balancing privacy and innovation.

Brian Manning shares an articles that explains the benefits of creating a digital center of excellence within your organization.

Lizette Robbertze explains why it’s difficult to maintain an optimized technology architecture.

Abbas Ismail shares a company post that identifies five key considerations when leveraging digital to drive enterprise value.

Sundar Nagarajan shares an article on a few paradigm shifts impacting businesses and how they impact digital transformation.

Robert Briese shares a video meetup with Matthias Größler (a safety expert from @fsqexperts9848) and @konstantinribel (an agility expert) on why companies cannot be agile because they are building safety-relevant products.

Lauren Hisey shares an article that identifies five issues with implementing AI too fast.

Jeff Stollman shares an article that explores and explains the many meanings of the term ‘decentralization’.