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Business process

Business process

In this article, Ramki Jagadishan explores why traditional business process technology has not kept pace with consumer technology.

Rosalie Ennes shares a video from her So What Series on YouTube. In this episode, she talks about the risk of not documenting your business processes.

  In the first post of a four-part series of articles about Agile/Scrum, Nicholas Zeisler reviews the first Agile value of prioritizing individuals and their interactions over adherence to processes and the use of tools.

  Gonzalo Mendez provides an article that takes a look at internal controls and the value of automated processes.

  Jitendra Badiani shares a post that applies a pachyderm parable to process mapping.

  From Yusuf Moolla’s company blog, a post that asks “Is big data more valuable than smaller data?” and explains five ways to extract value from data. Read the full article, Small datasets for audits: 5 ways to extract value, on

  Arnaud Quetin shares a post from his company’s blog on practical ideas that can help business change processes of all kinds, including organization, business model, strategy, and culture.

  In this article, Eduardo Chavez offers key steps that can be taken to improve process and productivity and help outperform your competitors.

  David Stowe provides an article on the IPO (initial public offering) process; specifically, in the biopharma industry.

  Dan Balcauski identifies nine common mistakes businesses make when developing their churn rate formulas.