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business strategy

In this article, Brian Hall explains how multi-year renewal options fit into your SaaS growth strategy.

Angelique Hanily shares an article that explains how to implement a strategy successfully.

Tonushree Mondal provides an article published in Forbes that identifies three strategies to leverage skills as the new currency to create organizational agility.

Cristian Saracco shares five key elements on strategy building in today’s global, digital, and politicized business world. 

In this article, Barbara Carkenord explains why project managers and business analysts need to get involved with strategic planning.

Bruno Iambrenghi shares a post from his company’s blog that explains how to distinguish “sell-with” from “sell-thru” partners and align your strategy with your sales channels.

Barry Witonsky provides an article that outlines four steps that add up to seven percent growth.

  Brad VanAuken shares a post that explains how to pivot your business during COVID-19.

  Gleb Tsipursky shares an article that explains how to plan, implement, and describe how a strategic pivot will help companies adapt to and deal with COVID.

Amit Patel’s company blog identifies one of the reasons why many strategies fail, and what you can do to avoid falling into this trap.