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business technology

In this article, Ramki Jagadishan explores why traditional business process technology has not kept pace with consumer technology.

Tunisha Shome shares an article on seven generative AI use cases and how they will change the way we work

Alveena Bakhshi shares an informative article that explains why blockchain is foundational to ESG and provides the keys to blockchain MVP development.

Sanjay Talukdar shares four main features or concepts that can help us define Web 3.0.

Dion Lisle provides an overview of application programming interface use for business to business applications.

Dion F. Lisle explains why small-to-medium businesses are not vertical and what banks should do to help them.

  Amit Patel shares an article that explains how agile transformation can improve operational performance and why manufacturing plants should move towards becoming smart factories.

  Abhishek Singh shares a guide on technology consulting and how it can help businesses find ways to optimize technology to improve their business.

  Tim Posselt uses bricks and mortar versus trees and forests to illustrate the operating paradigm that led to its competitive success in the last century and why new technologies are changing the paradigm to a more symbiotic ecosystem.

  Mike Boysen shares an article that digs deep into the meaning of digital transformation to remind us of the more  important, underlying factors that are often overlooked.