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career growth

career growth

In this post, Eva Cruz advocates for STEM careers as a path to financial independence for women.

Angelo Kehayas shares an article that explains when a chief finance officer should take a CEO position.

In this article, Anya Ruvinskaya reviews the book Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans from a personal perspective and shares highlights that resonated with her.

Elena Lipson shares sage advice for all women, and men, who want to be a little more badass and step up their impact at work.

Malcolm Bartlett shares an article that identifies the importance of core values in a business world that is driven by commoditization, globalization, and technological innovation.

Deb Coviello shares an article that identifies the number one strategy that may be sabotaging your career and what you can do about it.

Oliver Schaller shares a company post that shines a light on decision-making disasters, and how egocentric bias and lack of objective analysis can ruin careers and organizations

If you were looking for a sign to do that thing you’ve been avoiding, this is it. Lekisha Middleton’s blog on overcoming procrastination.