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Maria Balcazar Tellez shares a case study from Plant Futures Initiative that explores educating for a sustainable, plant-based food future.  

Matthew Stegmeier shares a company post and case study on standardizing remote work and a return to the office strategy.   Access the case study, Standardizing Remote Work & Return to Office (RTO) Strategy – Case Study – Lincoln Electric, on

Sourav Raina provides a case study on the Indian Dairy Market with the objective of developing a thorough understanding of dairy market in India, identifying underlying opportunities in the premium segment and developing go-to-market strategy.

A case study from Andrew Naperotic’s company identifies how they helped an international organization with the remediation of delivery practices across their Transformation initiative, which included a siloed delivery approach across all projects, teams losing direction and damage to Executive confidence.

From Brian Buss’ company, a case study on the fair and reasonable value for the use of a celebrity’s name and photograph in a marketing campaign.

Check out this case study from Anna Olecka’s company that shows a 400% lift in targeting up-sell model for customers of a Regional Bank, enabled 34% increase in the High Value customers’ portfolio and generated incremental revenue of $585 K annually.

Hugh Pinkus shares a case study from a project that aligned factions within a merged physician group to improve medical leadership and make the entire organization stronger and more productive.

Hugh Pinkus shares a case study on best practices to reduce expenses and increase revenues across 104 rehabilitation hospitals.

In stratagem six, Kaihan Krippendorff shows how Coca Cola and Pepsi used this strategy to break the stranglehold of Monsanto and lower the cost of aspartame sweetener.

Kaihan Krippendorff uses the alignment between Honda and Hero as a case study to explain how selecting the right supporters and targeting the right competitors can help you play one off the other to become more powerful.