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Ian Black shares a toll tale of road rebellion as citizens of Cambridge took on the council’s bid to cut traffic occupancy.

And now for something totally different, and in case you’ve always wondered, Paul DiPronio shares how Frank Sinatra’s comeback hit inspired “Scooby-Doo”​.

Eva Oloumi shares a post that explores ‘the ladder of inference’, why we climb it and the steps we can take to climb down it.

Sandip Lalli shares an evergreen post on the importance of embracing diversity of thought and how to embrace those differences is a key concern facing society and organizations in today’s marketplace.

Houria Bellatif shares a post that explains how to move from listening to reply to listening to understand.

Edwina Pike shares a post on the impact of leaders, the importance of conviction, and simplifying your messages.

  In this post, Ava S. Butler shares valuable insights and links on post-traumatic growth, and how leaders can recognize people’s grief and assist them in finding meaning.

  Allan Steinmetz shares a post that explores the meaning of  disconnectedness in today’s pandemic restricted world, and how leaders should consider establishing strong bonds using our “disconnectedness” to establish strong bonds.

  Lisa Bertelsen offers sage advice to start-up entrepreneurs that will help them perfect their pitch and sell their idea in a compelling way by understanding where they go wrong and how to build an emotional connection.

  Scott Jensen shares his thoughts on leadership and culture and explains what a shepherding leader looks like.