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As COVID-19 and various off-shoot viruses plague the planet, Amit Patel shares an article that explores whether the “new normal” is currently underway or still TBD.

Amit Patel shares an article and statistics that demonstrate how social media use for business was reenergized by COVID-19.

Dustin Cochran shares guidelines that can be taken to prepare the office for reopening.

One year later, Ellen Beth Levitt identifies the ongoing challenges for health care communicators as a new normal emerges from the COVID-19 crisis.

  Sadly, Gleb Tsipursky’s prediction in this white paper about the serious risk of the new COVID strains for Q2 2021 has been borne out. In his most recent article, he explains why we misjudge the risks of the new strains.

  Brad VanAuken shares a post that explains how to pivot your business during COVID-19.

  Gleb Tsipursky recently published an article on Common Dreams that issues a timely warning on the new Covid-19 strain.

In this post, David Munves explains how the pandemic has accelerated digital transformations, which has created opportunities for the vendors of new B2B technology solutions, and how these solutions offer benefits that frequently align with newer, Covid-driven priorities.

  Allan Steinmetz shares a post that explores the meaning of disconnectedness in today’s pandemic restricted world, and how leaders should consider establishing strong bonds using our “disconnectedness” to establish strong bonds.

  Gleb Tsipursky shares an article that explains how to plan, implement, and describe how a strategic pivot will help companies adapt to and deal with COVID.