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Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Musa Hanhan explores how generative ai will impact customer experience.

Carole Irgang shares information on how to form lasting bonds with your customers with examples that demonstrate how the big brands do it.

Diane Gordon shares a timeless article on common sense and customer care and how to follow through on expectations.

Lisa Walsh shares an article published in Forbes where 12 members of the Forbes Coaches Council discuss the best ways for businesses to transform their customer service into a five-star experience.

Michael Boysen shares an article that identifies the 14 universal journeys of customer experience.

Carl Ballot shares an all-too-familiar story about a  consumer experience consultant and a marketing and communications strategist having coffee and how their experience fell apart over a request for chips.

Nicholas Zeisler shares an article designed to build alignment between a company’s brand promise and the customers’ experiences.

Alexis Neal shares an article that identifies the benefits conversational commerce could have for your business.

  Alexis Neal shares a post that explains why many CEOs focus on customer experience and how they measure the impact.

  Lisa G. Morris explores the Experience Economy; most specifically, what it means for business, organizations, employees, and consumers. She identifies the gaps and how to close them.