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customer service

Sean Wilkins shares five mistakes brands make with new customers.

In this article, Joanne Neidorf explains why merchant skills are still critical in the retail industry despite the move to online shopping.

Lisa Walsh shares an article published in Forbes where 12 members of the Forbes Coaches Council discuss the best ways for businesses to transform their customer service into a five-star experience.

Carl Ballot shares an all-too-familiar story about a consumer experience consultant and a marketing and communications strategist having coffee and how their experience fell apart over a request for chips.

Alexis Neal shares an article that identifies the benefits conversational commerce could have for your business.

  Using examples of certain well-known brands to illustrate his point, Rick Denton reminds us that happiness may not be apparent on a resume or identified in an interview, but it is a key factor in maintaining a positive customer/brand relationship.

Cynthia Smith explains the valuable role customer service plays in connecting the consumer to the benefits or needs of the product.

Cynthia Smith posts the numbers from a 2018 poll that asked customers to rank how they preferred to get customer service, and why supporting social is a must for business.