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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Mudit Agarwal shares an article designed to help all stakeholders understand the organization’s vision and business goals.

Brian Manning shares an articles that explains the benefits of creating a digital center of excellence within your organization.

Abbas Ismail shares a company post that identifies five key considerations when leveraging digital to drive enterprise value.

In this article, Andrea Schnepf explains why essential process and governance actions unlock greater business value from digital transformation.

Sundar Nagarajan shares an article on a few paradigm shifts impacting businesses and how they impact digital transformation.

Shari Chernack shares an article on digital transformation that identifies the reality of transformation for your company and the benefits it may yield.

J. Eduardo Campos shares three guiding principles for digital transformation.

Michael Koved provides a 3-step process that helps clients move from recovery to resurgence with digital transformation.

Lizette Robbertze shares a detailed series of posts that provide practical and useful steps to ensure a successful digital transformation. 

David Zhao explains why a digital operating model is the bridge between digital strategy and digital execution and why it is important to consider three categories of digital operating models when establishing a digital operating model.