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employee management

employee management

Ahmed Elsharawy shares a post about people management and how it is 100 times more important in the service industry.

Laura Hume shares an article on effective team leadership and remote team management techniques she has found to be helpful.

Caroline-Lucie Ulbrich shares an episode from her podcast series Get a Clu: stories of business. In this episode, the focus is on managing middle managers.

Konstantin Tskhay shares a link to a free course on the essentials of people analytics, how to solve HR challenges using data, and gain insights through diverse case studies.

If your company culture needs an infusion of best practices, this article from Christoph Schmaltz may help build a more productive and harmonious environment for the year ahead.

Luis Agudelo shares a post that explains how to deal with conflict. Many important messages packed into a short video A must see as a reminder on how to properly deal with conflict resolution in an organisation.

Ross Holmes shares an article on the pros, cons, and primary drivers of home workers.

In this article, Mary Mellino shares three practical shifts in thinking to improve your organization’s performance.

Keith Hopper shares an article that explains why soliciting good ideas may backfire.

Hugo Garcia shares an article on four key actions that influence the mindset and behavior of employees, and why they’re important.