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employee management

employee management

Ross Holmes shares an article on the pros, cons, and primary drivers of home workers.

In this article, Mary Mellino shares three practical shifts in thinking to improve your organization’s performance.

Keith Hopper shares an article that explains why soliciting good ideas may backfire.

Hugo Garcia shares an article on four key actions that influence the mindset and behavior of employees, and why they’re important.

Robert Lee Harris shares an article that explores the question of whether remote work weakens a company culture.

Matthew Stegmeier shares a company post and case study on standardizing remote work and a return to the office strategy.   Access the case study, Standardizing Remote Work & Return to Office (RTO) Strategy – Case Study – Lincoln Electric, on

Cassandra Patrovani shares a post that identifies the biggest HR trends of 2022.   Read the full article,  What is Going to be the Biggest HR Trend in 2022, on

Looking for guidance on employees and returning to the office? Gleb Tsipursky’s recently published post on Elon Musk and returning to the office may hold the answers you need.

In this article published on, Gleb Tsipursky explains why Google and Apple are wrong about hybrid and remote work stopping employees from building ‘social capital’.

Harpal Singh shares a comprehensive culture cheat sheet with fifty ideas designed to build and improve your company culture.