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employee performance

employee performance

Noor Akroush shares a post and video on People Analytics and how it has become pivotal to enhancing workforce productivity, engagement and performance.

In this article, Ron Krudo identifies five ways to incentivize your employees to grow revenues and profits.

Elena Lipson shares sage advice for all women, and men, who want to be a little more badass and step up their impact at work.

  The pursuit of better performance from employees is an ongoing endeavour, Len Nanjad shares an article that identifies ten critical people management accountabilities to enable your people to hit company targets.

Brian Dapelo shares the strengths he found in his dyslexia, and how people with dyslexia will help to future-proof the workforce by providing a set of strengths that can help benefit both businesses and society.

Franck Nassiri summarizes why companies should transition to modern business management to improve sales and employee performance.