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ESG has evolved significantly over the past several years, rapidly moving from a nice-to-have to a must-have way of doing business. In this video, Chief People Person and  ESG/DEI expert Patsy Doerr talks about the current trends and challenges of ESG, along with its impact on engagement, productivity, innovation, and the bottom line.

Alveena Bakhshi shares an informative article that explains why blockchain is foundational to ESG and provides the keys to blockchain MVP development.

In this interview, Jonathan Wilson shares his views on how to create an inclusive, representative, and equitable society.

Ted Grozier shares a company blog that explains how apparel companies win by shifting their focus from success on the catwalk to ESG leadership.

  Amit Patel identifies the need for business leaders to move forward with purpose on equitable, social, and environmental issues as an integral component of decision making.